Monday, July 28, 2003


I just got the word that we just lost Ol' Ski Nose.

As much as folks these days would think, Bob Hope was just the guy who was there supporting the troops in "Nam and showing off ht AP All Star Colligates. But He was more than that. He was what Comedy and Humanitarianism was all about. I wish to God I had a personal story to tell about Bob. I was a Fan just like anyone else, but anyone who haas studied comedy picked up their timing from someone who was The Master. Not Cosby, not Pryor, not Carlin, Bruce, Berle, or Benny. It all starts with Hope. And, Hope is something we can always use in life.

My roomie Ben, had stated that Bob was only 100 years old, so it was going to happen. It's too bad it did. You just wish he could be here a bit longer just to have him around. Interesting, though. We lose Bob at 100 and George Burns at 101. Now that's the real Last Comic Standing.

For those of you who really want to know about Bob's great life, read here and learn about the man who could be the Greatest American of the 20th Century. And, I promise... no cliches to end a blog about Bob. You should know it. Just hum it to yourself for a reminder.

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