Friday, July 04, 2003

The Fourth Of July is finally over. I hope you had a good one here in the U.S. . As for the rest of the world, I still hope you had a good day. It wasn't bad for me. After work, I went over to a friend's house and enjoyed a low country boil. We sat around in the pool talking about life and whatnot when I was told that THE MAESTRO, Barry White had just died.

It floored me. I grew up listening to the man. If anyone was the icon of love, he was the man. There were so many songs. Plus that voice that men wished they had and women wanted to hear. That deep, low growl that just OOZED love. Barry was the shiznit.

I found out later that he died from complications due to kidney failure. The same thing that's happening to me now. It brought me down just a bit more. It makes me more determined more to get better. The dialysis is doing fine, but I know I can get thru this. Barry was on his way for a transplant, and I'm up for donorship. It's sad that we lost him, but if it makes folks realize that organ donation is now more important than ever, then it helps the rest of us in need. I'm not asking you to help me with my problem. I'm asking you to help others with theirs. So, what you can...please.

In case you haven't read the news on Barry's passing, read here.


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