Sunday, July 13, 2003

I figured I'd write this because I'm feeling good about life after hearing the news. My best freind Jeff was let go of the radio conglomerate he ran production for two months ago due to a guy who told them he could do the job faster and better. For a while, he and his wife Tina (my best female freind) were going thru a bit of a crunch. Jeff knows the biz and does a damn good job, but without it, life isn't easy. Believe me, I know. As it turns out, the guy they replaced him with did a lousy job and had billing so screwed up , they called Jeff back! He's now working again fulltime and is probably picking up where he left off. I'm putting this down for two reasons. That everyone deserves a second chance, if not to prove to themselves, but to others that sometimes the newest isn't the best. The other reason is to publicly congratulate the two best freinds I've ever had. I love them both and they deserve the best.

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