Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I'm not going to stay on for long, so I'll make this quick.

Had a great day today. Got the house cleaned, or at least, neat. Ben, my roomie, was shocked. He thougth I was sick or something. I left the house later that night to listen to a freind about their problem because, as I have been told, I have a a good shoulder to cry on. I went downtown afterward to the Mercury Lounge to get a cranberry. Saw my old pal Eion(pronounced "Owen" in his native Ireland), powho wnats me to do a DJ gigs for his bar/restaurant, Loggerheads. I'll give you more details as they occur on that. As for my freind who I left the hopuse for at 1 am: I did that, cause that's what friends do. They support one another no matter what.

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