Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Quiet day today. Savannah had a hi of 92 degrees, which sucks for me. I got out of dialysis around 5pm, so the sun was beaming. I wound up just sticking myself in the house and staying put. I did watch "Last Comic Standing" and got a great laugh. The news says it'll be 93 tomorrow with a heat index of 105. The last thing I need is a suntan, so my black behind is stayin' in the comfort of G.E. and drinking lot of water.

There is one thing on my mind however. I've got the third date with Mo Wednesday night (you and I haved talked for a while, so I guess I'm comfortable saying her nickname around you). It's at her place. I don't plan on going all the way. I'm not even worried if I don't make it to third base. For some reason, I'm just glad to be in the company of a beutiful woman. She's smart, sexy, hot...what I wanna know is how in Blue Hell have I managed to get this far? I guess the Big Man must think it's time for a change. Maybe she is the one, maybe she isn't. we'll see. I'll take my time and see how this plays. Let's hope I win.

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