Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Well, first things first. I have to say "hello" my friend Gwen, with this word to her: Whatever you do in life, make the best of it. Not just for everyone around you, but for yourself.

That being said, I was supposed to go out with Mo tonight. She told me she may have a late night at the office. I'm not complaining. I was just happy going out with her the two times I did. I'm not that lucky, you know. Believe me, if I could post a picture of her here, you'd probably say, "How'd he meet her"? My life's too short to worry. She's still good woman, though.

Now, on to other things. Today at the Comic Box, we had a run in with thieves. Not your run of the mill thugs. Ours were 7 and 8 years old.

I was in the back trying to find a book for a customer, while Jamie, who works part time, was in from. During that time, two kids kept coming in and out of the store. We see it all the time. Kids come in, parents chase them out, telling them they aren't getting a thing. This time however, Jamie noticed one of them running out with a Dragon Ball Z Action figure. He quickly caught the kid and I came out front. I had been waiting for a moment like this. If for anything, to teach a kid right from wrong. So I but the fear of God into the child with my best heavy baritone voice. I took control and found out that the kid had a partner in crime sitting in a car while they were waiting for their guardian in the grocery store. We went to the car to find the other kid hiding in the front seat in a duck and cover position hoping that no one would see him. I found the four toys that they had walked out with, and walked them back to the store, this time with their adult in the store. By this time the kids were scared, but it was going to get worse for them.

I was gonna call the cops.

I wasn't going to send them to Juvy Hall, but I was going to show them who was boss. When the police did show up, we played good cop, bad cop, with me being the bad one. By the time it was all said and done, these kids had almost crapped themselves after the Come To Jesus meeting. One had a conniption fit, crying and banging his head up against the wall, screaming, "I don't wanna go to jail! I don't wanna!"

As a kid, I had done dumb things before like that, and it took adults to do the same thing to me. Now, it was my turn. I'm not saying I turned out perfect, but I'm not in jail or working as a V.P of Enron, but I didn't turn out a bad guy. If I could scare straight one kid, then I hope I've made a difference.

Now , here's the clincher. Our little thieves, who were black, were being watched by some kids and their mom, who were all white. The mom was poo-pooing the whole thing, while her kids were laughing at the whole thing. After I was done with the thieves, I turned to the hecklers. I walked up to one of them and quickly shouted, "What the Hell are you laughing at, twerp?" His smirk disappeared fast and turned into fear. His brothers also shook in fright as I looked their way. I told them that I have no remorse. I don't care what your place in life is or how your grew up. A thief is a thief and will be dealt with , accordingly. Even the mom nodded her head. Then, one of her kids decided to become a smart ass and say, "You wouldn't sound so tough if you had a gun." I then whipped out the 38 the boss leaves under the counter for us and said, "Which one are you more scared of screaming at you? Smith and Wesson or me?" Mom knew that the answer and so did the kids. I was told by the cops, the kid's guardian, older customers, Jamie and My boss Fred I did the right thing. In the words of Ice Cube, today was a good day

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