Monday, August 11, 2003


I got paperwork back today from the Social Security Administation about my status on help. I will recieve Medicade, but won't get disability, due to the fact I make over 800 dollars U.S. a month. I won't go into how much money I do make a month with you, but let's say I take from one to give to another in order to make it. I'm thinking of just doing the one night at Wet Willlie's in order to do this. It could possibly get me more money a month than I'd be making at both jobs, which would be good, since I need a new car. The downside is having to tell my landlady this and asking her if she can handle me paying lees for the next three months. If she can do that, all will be well. Knowing her however, she'll go crying and begging that she needs money now and the morgage on the house is killing her. I just want a place to stay and be comfortable, no matter what happens, and I happen to like this house. Why does everything in life has to be a catch 22? Darn you, Joseph Heller.

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