Monday, August 18, 2003

It's A Kinda Monday

It's almost 3:30 p.m. est as I write this. It's already been a long day.

I had a date over the weekend with Mo. She showed up wearing a red dress that had me floored and the rest of the Mercury Lounge drooling. I think I had a cheshire grin on my face becasue of that for the rest of Sunday. Which is why I hard a hard time sleeping that night.

So, here it is...MONDAY. I have a meeting for my Medicare at 8:30am and did not want to get up. I just wanted to bask in the glow that I am seeing a VERY HAWT WOMAN WHO ACTUALLY WOULD PUT ON A RED DRESS AROUND ME. Reality sank in once I woke up, right at seven a.m., even though I set the alarm at 7:15. I wound up getting a phone call that turned out to be a wrong number after I looked at the caller ID. I never answered it. Somehow, I think it was a call from God, telling me, "Everything's cool, baby. You got the great girl, dialysis is fine, and you still have a roof over your head. I got this. Let me do the driving, man."

So, I got cleaned, dressed and hit the road. I got a good breakfast in along the way, one I haven't had in a long time. Afterward, I got to the Ga. Department of Health see about getting my Medicare and food stamps. For the record, I hate doing this. The person I talked to looked like she was tired and I felt like I didn't need to be there. It was like I was taking up her time. But, it was done after an hour and I was SO glad to leave.

When I get home, I see the handymen still working on Milton's room. It's loud. The banging of the hammers, the screaming of the guy who got something dropped on his foot. Aren't they supposed to wear steel toed shoes? I just wanted take a nap, and they ain't helping. Soon, Milton comes knocking on my door, to bug me about making the landlady pay for a professional carpet cleaning. I then reminded his that's there a home shampooer in ther closet and to use it and be quiet. Whether that works out, we'll see.

So, here we are NOW. It's Monday here in The Comic Box. All is quiet and I've only sold $10.50 today. I know you're driving, God, but could take Mo and me to the Bahamas for a few days?

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