Monday, August 04, 2003

Yesterdya USA Update

As I was sitting down to peruse the web for a bit, I decided to tune in Yesterday USA and the Bill Bragg Show to see how things were going. I recieved a leter from him today after I sent him a letter a few weeks ago, letting him know that I thought his station was my favorite and that I posted it here. His letter. As I listened, I just happened to hear him mention my name and the Real Show! Jus tto let you know, Y-USA is heard around the world online, so I just got a big boost. Thanks, Bill! Man, do I want to do a show for those guys. I'm working on the old time radio show collection as much as I can. If I can ever get my DJ setup like I want, I may return to the airwaves doing the thing I love best...having fun.

By the way, here's what Bill wrote:

"Sam,Sorry I am so long in getting back to you! I just read your kind posting, and you really made my day. I tried to print the posting to read it on the air, but was unable to do so.

You are a good friend!

Bill Bragg"

Man, that was like getting a letter from Santa Claus for me. Cool!


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