Saturday, September 27, 2003

Could Orson Wells Play Batman?

If I'm going to take time off from the blog for a few days I 'd better come back with something mind blowing....

Mark Millar, one of comic's best writers, has found out that Orson Wells had a proposal for Batman back in 1946. Reading over the piece, I could see it,, with Wells who was a master at using the camera to trick the audience and to convey a perfect mood, to possibly blow away the theater with what could have been one of the greatest action dramas of all time. Wells had already gotten commitments from some of the greatest actors of the time to portray the villains, which if you thought the casting in the 1960's Batman show was perfect, and Tim Burton's casting of Nicholson and DeVito in his two Batfilms were on point, what till you see who Wells had as The Joker, Riddler, Two Face and Catwoman. Plus see who the studio wanted as Batman. Trust me...This will slap you in the face and own you for the entire day

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