Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Things to do when you get bored

After all the junk that went on last night, I was bored out of my skull, so i decided to go to the Late Show With David Letterman site just to see what's going on with Dave. I saw that they were looking for "Human Interest" guests. I figured, what the hell...I'm not Bruce Willis, but I could be on the show, so I sent his off...


Suppose I don't have a real talent.I'm just an ordinary guy with a webblog who goes to dialysis due to my failing kidney. I talk about it for the most part with some humor, relaying to folks what's going on with me. I don't have any tricks, I don't own a pet( although, I do want a dog), and I haven't dated Demi. If anything, it's just a shot to see if you think this has any real human interest. If you want to check out my blog, then take a look. Hey, at least I said I tried, huh?"

I got this today...

"You really should set your sights higher than that- I'm sure you've done SOMETHING interesting at some point in your life :)

Best of luck (and health) to you-


Eliana R. Salzhauer

Talent Coordinator

Late Show with David Letterman

1697 Broadway

New York, NY 10019"

What...I'm not interesting? I'm setting my goals higher all the time. Just because I can't fart out of my mouth, or have a dog who craps on cue still DOESN'T make me Uninteresting. Maybe I should have told her that I'm the only black man on the face of the Earth with no rythym and can't play basketball. I'll bet that would have gotten me to New York. No ill will against Dave, however. I don't think he's the mean one here...it's his bookers.

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