Friday, September 12, 2003

Up, Up, And Awaaaaaay!

While I lived in Detroit as a teen, I watched my Uncle Donald work on his amateur magic tricks. He did parties all the time for kids and was pretty good. He showed me how to run a knitting needle into a balloon without puncturing it. Forget it..I'm not telling you. However, after seeing David Blaine make news again by attempting to stay in a box at 50 feet in the air, I figured I 'd ruin one of his secrets.

Have you always wanted to know how to float in air? I mean, just hover and scare the crap out of someone? Well kids, never fret...Uncle Sam is here with the trick. I'm going to be working on it, and hope I get it down soon. Wish me luck as I hope it gets me on Letterman.

Ok...At least, Jimmy Kimmel.

Alright...Good Day Live.

Geez...Not even a morning radio show?

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