Sunday, May 30, 2004


I went to friend's house today for a cookoutand met up with a couple of old pals while I was there. It was a good time by all, until we got to discuss Chismbop. It seems that no one remembered the seventies way of doing math but John Denion or myself. Basically, you count with your fingers with a cetain amount, until you reached the answer, or something like that. All I could remember was Fred McMurray, of "My Three Sons" and the classic Noir film, "Double indemnity", selling the product on TV as a kid. Well, just the same as they said the metric sysem would take over the U.S., so would chismbop.

Have a laugh at your past.

Google Search: chismbop


Anonymous said...

It has been quite awhile since I ran into someone that actually remembers chismbop. I used to be fast enough to outpace someone attempting to keep up using a calculator--as long as the number stayed under 100. Those days are long gone. Without practice even the method has faded. I think it's the name that keeps it alive as it always sparks a humerous conversation. I can still demonstrate how to add and subtract, but I don't recall multiplication or division. As an engineer I'm still hoping for the metric system. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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