Monday, May 17, 2004

Kerrys dotter i nakenchock

I have to talk politics for a sec. Trust me on this.

I do have my own political opinions. It's a fact that I really hate Bush and I really hate Kerry. As an Old School Dem, I'm not happy with the party, and I'm not going to be a Republican anytime soon. What the campain this year is Yale Senior class presidency. I didn't go to Yale and their football team suck so I can't support either.

Now, mind you as a single man, I do think we could use a hot First Daughter.

The presidents of my lifetime have had mainly daughters, from LBJ to Bush. Yes, I added George senior, basically because Jeb throws and runs like a girl. Some were good looking, some were ok, some were just too young for me, and some were just to old for me. The only one to get it right was Reagan. He had Maureen, who wasn't the best looking in the world, but he did have Patti, who was not only hot, but was in a Playboy spread. We are still uncertain about Ron Junior.

Now the Bush twins, whose names I've forgotten at this point are great for parties. The twins, who we'll just call Georgina and Jebetta, seem like fun girls and nice on the eyes, but too young for me. I'm 37. I want a First Daughter who's old enough for me and not bad on the eyes. America, I think we have found her.

If I had to choose between a colonoscopy and a deep root canal, I'd take belly button cleaning with a Brillo Pad. But, if the colonoscopy had this woman as a nurse, then prep me up. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you 31 year old Alexandra Kerry. Just pray if he wins, she gets to hold you and tells you it's ok after they take the gloves off. IF they wear any.

I should warn you: this shot has boobies. And, it's in Swedish.

Aftonbladet: Kerrys dotter i nakenchock

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