Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Back to the point I was making last night, I'm not sure whether or not I'm doing this out of therapy or not at this point again. It's funny. Since I've moved to downtown Savannah, where most of my adventures have taken place over the past two years, I've lived a quiet life. I've swapped roommates since moving here in February. Bill moved out just a month and a half after he moved in, which was kind of a good thing. Jason then moved in this month. I've known Jason for as long as I've been hanging downtown now. He's a good kid. In fact, he boosted this place up on in the chick magnet zone. I'll admit, the guy can do no wrong. 6'4", muscular, smart. I'm seriously considering calling Warner Brothers and telling them their new Superman lives here. It's like finding out you have a Kryptonian living with you. Jason could be Clark/Supes.

I suppose I should mention Joey as well. It was his place before we all barged in. From Aiken, S.C., Joey's a fun guy and the hardest drinker I know. Also, the hardest sleeper I know. He could fall asleep in the middle of a lapdance, which has happened. He's a Buck 25, soaking wet with a brick in his hand, but one of the toughest guys I know. I'm glad I have both Jason and Joey as roommates. They understand my problem and are cool with it. I just seem like a house flower right now. The dentist started work on my mouth and right now, I look like a beaten up sabertooth tiger with glasses. I'm broke till next week, I have no minutes on my phone, which means I need to pawn more things to get my phone on, and my car's on empty. I hope I can get thru this

soon. Along with losing weight and quitting smoking and getting on the list. Pray for a brotha, will ya?

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