Friday, June 11, 2004

Brother Ray

It took me awhile for me to put this one together. This one kind of hit me hard. When you listen to music these days, you realize it's all done with computers and sampling. You may have guys who are great musicians, but it's still filtered down. When Ray Charles put it down, it was DOWN. It was raw, it was hard and it was beautiful. No one could do it like Ray. Country, standards, jazz, pop, and of course, rythym and blues. He helped to build that foundation. Anyone who even sings R&B these days better thank Ray for the hard work he did and for giving them a voice. Van Morrison, Stevie Winwood, Willie Nelson and especially Bily Joel better thank Ray for letting them borrow his voice in their songs. You better thank Ray for all the good times he has given you. He was a genius and he will be missed.

When you get a chance, go find his version of "That Lucky Ol' Sun". I know he's singin' that now these days. MOVIES | MOVIE NEWS | STORY Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

Your Sam-ness:
Brother Ray being my favorite artist, I was heart-broken to hear of his passing. I share your comments. The world of music has no idea how much it's going to miss him.
Hope this finds you well...