Sunday, June 06, 2004

Let the G-8 Arrive

As I was leaving my house late last night, I saw men and women dressed in military garb carrying high powered guns. I was just a bit scarred, but then I remembered. Folks were still angry over Smarty Jones losing the Triple Crown and they could still riot.

In truth, the G-8 summit has arrived in Savannah. Actually, the real summit will be held on Sea Island, which is just 30 minutes away from here, but most meetings will be held in the city. Also, reporters headquarters are here in the city. Now, given the fear of the government of terrorists attacks, plus the disruption of protesters from the last summit in Seattle, safety has been amped up here in the Coastal Empire. Which means, if you even fart in the Japanese prime minister's face and tell him Iron Chef blows, you are sooo gone.

Now, I don't mind the extra security here. I feel safe leaving my car outside, for once. But, I am a bit nervous. What if a riot happens? Say protesters come down my street? What the hell am I gonna do? What if there are terrorists who decide once and for all to take Bush down, by any means nessessary?

I don't think I'm going to worry much. The owners at Wet Willie's said if we are confronted by reporters with questions on how we feel about the whole thing and they see us in a W. W. t-shirt, we should smile and say we're happy to have them here. That way, if should say something that's not politicly correct, we won't get the bar in trouble and we can still keep our jobs. Screw them. I say what I want. That pissed me off long enough to say, "Bring 'em all". How dare they tell me what to say.

So, for the protesters. The first one wearing Birkenstocks, marching torwards the Starbucks to burn it, then going to their SUV to call to see where the next Phish is so they call dad to get some more money while they're on the road, then desides to make tracks down my street is getting slapped. Back handed, pimp style.

As for the terrorists. Downtown Savannah is a beautiful site, but just one minute away is a little area I grew up in called Hitch Village. Yes, it's the P.J.'s. And, they don't play. All those terrorists have to do is make a run that way. They'll think they were starring in Custer's Last Stand Two: What The Hell?

So, bring 'em. Let the world see our beautiful town. Let them enjoy the sites. But, the first one of you to screw up, I'm poppin' the s___ outta you. If the National Guard will let me.

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Anonymous said...

So, how did this go? I keep hearing the protestors were few and nothing happened but then heard the other day that several shop windows (Starbucks, Gap, etc.) were broken. What's the story?