Sunday, June 13, 2004

What A Party...

Well, the party just wrapped up and I had a good time, when I could catch a breath. I wound up making sure everyone had a good time, talking to each person individually, just playing a good host. I also did a lot of cooking as well. I grilled drumsticks, hot dogs and burgers and made spinach dip as well. Which was good, since I had a lot of hungry folks here. My adopted parents were here, along with the usual suspects. After a while, Mom just looked at me and said, "You have an eclectic group of friends". If it weren't for those friends, I'd go nuts. Thanks God they were here. The best part were the pictures we took. I'll be getting them back soon and I can't wait to show them to you. It's only 15 minutes to midnight now, so I'm going to kick things into high gear and head to the Mercury Lounge to celebrate another year of life. Thanks, everybody.


Anonymous said...

A HUGE Happy Birthday to you Sam!!!

You sound like a great host and the party sounds like a hit. Congratulatons and happy birthday!

Hey I linked you over at the Monkey Cage - hope you don't mind?

Take care.

Anonymous said...

More birthday party pictures! The Eyes of Texas demand them! You sexual chocolate beast you!

Bob "No, we don't claim Dubya here" Ruggiero
Houston, Texas