Friday, January 28, 2005

All The World Is Waiting For Youuu...

I've been noticing alot of traffic to the site as of recent. No complaints at all, but I tracked down the reason why: LYNDA CARTER. The hottest woman of the Seventies. If you came to the site for my dashing wit, thank you. But Princess Diana just a small part of this fun.

Aw, Hell. She's better looking than me, anyways. Just thank me for putting her back on the page. Try not to drool much on your keyboard, fellas. Ladies, one day i'll find a good looking stud for you. As soon as I drop a pound or two.

Update I actually posted the photo before, and may yet again, just for the thrill of it. I do, however have another photo of Lynda that I posted right after that. DO YOU DARE LOOK?Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

All jokes aside, Wonder Woman was one of my leading role models! Had it not been for my parents, I would have taken up crime fighting with a "magic lasso" and worked on perfecting my framework of the first real "invisible plane"...therapy ruins everything.

Either's to you Linda Carter!!

Anonymous said...

My first semester in college, I roomed next to a guy whose parents were Lynda Carter's next-door neighbors in Beverly Hills. He always claimed she was as gorgeous in person as she was on TV, but never offered to take me to his folks' house to prove it.

Even before the redoubtable Ms. Carter donned her satin tights and started fighting for our rights, I always admired Princess Diana. As my ever-growing collection of Wonder Woman pin-up art attests.

Anonymous said...

How hot is Lynda Carter? Hot enough to induce me to buy both DVD box sets of Wonder Woman, Seasons 1 & 2. DVD Soon has them on sale for $35.98 (CAD).

A friend of mine and I had a conversation one night about who could kick whose ass -- Wonder Woman vs. the Bionic Woman. No contest on that one.