Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Happy Late Turkey Day, Y'all!

I bought a turkey for Thanksgiving last year, but never got the chance to cook it. So, I thought that I would do it for Christmas. Didn't get that chance, either. SO, after weeks of weeks of sitting in the freezer, I thought today would be the the day that Greg Gobbler got his fair due. It's just a simple turkey brest, that was marinated with cajun seasoning and butter, then cooked for three hours. Thank God I've got roommates to enjoy this thing, otherwise I'd be a lonely, turkey eatin' sonuvabitch.But the way, it's my fisrt picture of myself here in a while. Do I look ok? Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Looking good, Sam!

Anonymous said...

Looking good indeed, Sam! And the turkey looks REALLY good!

*affixes bib, brandishes knife & fork*

BTW, you're looking slimmed down, Sam -- serving as inspiration for me!