Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I Knew Leno Sucked For Some Reason

Many folks have wondered how I put together posts for the page. OK, no one really, but I thought I'd tell you anyway. First thing is I sour the other blogs to see what they did today. I really don't want to copy anyone else and try to stay original. After crying alot when seeing how well everybody else's blog is better than mine, then going to the store to drown my sorrows in frozen Cokes, I come back to the laptop and finally come up with something I think you want to read. For example...

It's revealed that Johnny Carson has been writing monolouge jokes for David Letterman for years. Actually, you can kinda tell with some of them. The delivery is the way to tell, since it reminds you of Johnny. Does this revelation now officially make Dave the new King Of Late Night? Yes. Yes, it does.

I'm not gonna tell you which show to watch at this point. There's Letterman people and Leno people. Red states and Blue states. The folks who saw "Elektra" over the weekend...Wait, NO ONE saaw "Elektra" over the weekend. The point is, enjoy your late nite entertainment. I just know who I'm watching.

Oh, and Paul's hosting tonight. It should be interresting.

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Anonymous said...

Lol - TOO funny. I like your site! Thank you so much for visiting. I'll be back to read more of your blog soon! Take care, Nikki