Thursday, January 20, 2005

I Love The 90's...Third Time's The Charm

VH1 is running I Love The 90's...Part Deux all this week and I for one and both happy and pissed. It's great to see Michael Ian Black and Hal Sparks working again, but come on. Wasn't the ninties over like, FIVE YEARS AGO? They haven't even done a sequel to I Love The 70's yet, and they give us more 90's to deal with.

Now, there's a new club opening in New York that deals with all the things we miss from the nineties, like new Tupac records coming out and and watching Joey Tribiani on Thursday nights. I thought there was already a place like that with a lot of nineties nostalgia called PLANET HOLLYWOOD. IT WAS THE NINETIES, PEOPLE. I had a bad time that decade. Please, give me another ten years, then I can reminice on my high top fade, play with my Furby and drink my Zima in peace.

Was there ANYTHING ANYONE really loved about the nineties, anyway?

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Anonymous said...

Oh but they DID do a sequel to the 70's! In fact, I think they did a sequel to all of them. I suppose they could go back in time and do the 60's, but then again most of the comentators, who were probably in diapers if born at all, wouldn't have much to say about that.:(