Sunday, January 09, 2005

Must Have Coffee

So, I'm on the air right now, and I'm not awake yet. I only got like, maybe less than four hours of sleep before i got here, which by the way, was late. The moment I got into the studio, the request line rings. It a birthday shout out to a little girl from her grandmother. This really happened.

Me(not awake one bit): So, whats her name?

Granny: Shonquasha.

Me(now, I'm up): Huh? How do you spell that?

Granny: Child, I have no idea, but her nickname is "Face".

Me: I'll bet you know better now and name the next grandchild "Marsha", won't you?

Why, Jebus, why do Black folks do that. Thank God, I'm just Sam.

Ok, I need coffee. Be back later.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOL...That was good Sam! But who would nickname their child "Face". (almost like "Blanket" or "Apple") :-)