Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I'd like to stop up to the bat right now for pal, Monkey. As one of Montana Mafia who stops by this place, he has been a delightful friend, leaving lovely comments when he comes by. Now, as a blogger himself, he is one of the most twisted guys I've seen since doing this. For example:

"Monkey Quote of the Day: 'You guys who have little ones and lie about it and claim to have big ones make things bad on us guys who really DO have big ones - for we with big ones don't NEED to brag in the first place but if we ever DID want to brag you little ones men have already messed things up for us big ones men.' "

"My dog makes drinking from the toilet look like SO much fun I'm tempted to try it (but if I do I won't blog about it so move along nothing to see here people keep moving)"

Our primate friend has been nominated for "Most Humorous Blog" Award. For the record, he's worth it. The other blogs nominated? I ain't read those. But, I do read Monkey's and I'm very happy with it. Now, go read it and vote or die, fool!

Am I a kiss ass? Yes. Yes, I am.

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Anonymous said...

My man Sam!!! You're the best!!! I'm so honored - so flattered - thank you so much!
I was shocked to be in the finals over there Sam I tell ya - it was a total surprise and it's been a blast.
I think when you told your readers "go and vote or die, fool" - that was the kicker for me!
I'm voting for YOU!
(AND Pedro!)
Thanks for your most kind words my friend.