Monday, January 24, 2005

The Way Of The Gun

I can talk about this now, but a few days ago I couldn't. Friday night at The Bar Bar, someone brought in a gun.

The barbacksa had just opened up the doors as folks started pouring in. In the crowd, there was one person that stood out. He was young, but over 21 and looked like he could get daddy's inheritance someday. Until then, he was going to get drunk and trip out on acid. I usually get a feeling about people when I fisrt see them and I felt like that guy was going to get thrown out before the night is over. He was drunk before the bar was even open and was staggering around trying to dance with every woman in the place. I kept my eye on the bum the whole time.

He wound up bumping in to one guy while trying to make his move on one lady. I was just about to lose patience with the guy when someone came up to me at the DJ booth and quietly said, " I think you better take this". On the counter of the booth, they gave me a .38 in a holster. I asked her where did it come from, and was told it was on the floor. I noticed that she was dancing near rich drunk kid. I pieced two and two and figured it had to be from him. That's when I jumped out of the booth and went to get him.

I walked up on him and asked him straight: Did he bring a gun into the bar? He hemmed and hawwed for a few. As dramatic as it sounded, I said, " By all that's holy, if you don't tell me the truth, I will f-----' beat you sober, b----". I noticed the crowd looking at the two of us and got one of the barbacks to get the off duty cops that keep watch over the place. I told the kid not to move as I had to jump back in the booth and tell the dancers what was going on and if anyone brought a gun here, as it's ILLEGAL. I turned my head for one second and the kid was gone. Fortunatly, it was early and there wasn't a crowd there yet, but the kid snuck out. I calmed the group down, threw on a long song and quickly ran out with the cops to look for the kid. No luck. We did have the gun, though. The police took it in and have run the serial number in. Hopefully, they'll get him.

I was truthfully pissed and scared at the same time. I'd never done anythiong like that before in my life and I put my being on the line because of that. He could have pulled that thing out and shot someone for no reason, or shot because no one would dance with him, or worse. I feel like I'm getting too old for the club scene after something like that. I'm just glad I'm safe, but I'm more glad that no one was hurt or otherwise.

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Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! I'm glad you are alright and that no one got hurt. People are nuts sometimes...its scary.