Thursday, February 10, 2005


Ok, I've got the other site set up now. I can rest. Whew. Lemme tell ya, this is alot of work getting a kidney. Sometimes, I just wanna go over the border and find a Mexican surgeon in the back of a bar and tell him let's just get this over with. I want to get back to the fun things in life, but it ain't gonna happen anytime soon. So, I'm gonna be flip floping back and forth from the serious Sam of the fundraiser to the Sam Shady on this page from time to time for the near future. Today, it's time to be Sam Shady.

So yesterday, I'm at my dentist's office to get some adjustments done on the new teeth, which by the way, feel and look great! Once they settle in perfectly, I'm gonna go chew some bricks for lunch and tacks for dinner! Anyway, I go in and there's a tv crew there working sone some stuff. The recepctionist told me that my dentist would be with me shortly. I finally got to go in, but the crew was shooting some background stuff. Then, my dentist, Dr. Ann Linton, asked me as I sat in the chair if I wouldn't mind being in her new commercial they were working on. Long story short: I'm now a spokesmodel for Abercorn Dentistry. Actually, I guess it's spokesmouth, since they were shooting footage of Dr. Linton examining my new grill. The commcerials are supposed to run in two weeks. I won't be able to get a copy and post it here and maybe that's a good thing, I think. But, at least I didn't have to pay for my visit because of it.

Oh, SAMAPALOOZA happens April 2. Check the other site for more details.

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