Monday, February 14, 2005

For The Lover In you

Happy Going out to buy your sweetheart a wonderful gift, then finding out the store didn't have what you wanted and you go running around town to find it and it's nowhere so you wind up having to go get some roses and it's too late so your forced to just get a lily and a gift certificate from Bed, Bath and Beyond because everything's closed and she really wanted a diamond so you wind up getting the skunk eye from your sweetie all day and she calls her friends and talks about you like a dog and you find out her friend's boyfriends did the same thing so it's not like your alone but at least you know your baby still likes you Day.

Hope you got her something good.

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Anonymous said...

YO! You know I don't do the whole Valentine's Day thing, but... when I came home tonight, Jeff gave me a mushy card, a beautiful bunch of flowers, and grilled tuna steaks. WOW! Happy Day, indeed!
love ya, kid! Tina