Saturday, February 05, 2005

Here's Some Stuff You Need To Know

First things first. We had our first Team Kidney meeting today and things went well. We've got a few things planned already, but I won't beable to mention them for a few days, so hold on to your hat. Second, How about Java Jerry? I wanted to mention it yesterday but was too busy. It took an hour to get it right, but it was creepy and worth it. If you haven't seen it yet, head there now because you only have until next Saturday to view it. Third, The Patriots will win the Super Bowl! Lastly, more folks seem to comment more on Gwen Stefani than any of the other women in rock here. So, I guess Gwen wins. To our female readers, if I could think of some good looking guys in rock, I would but can't seem to think of any, as I am straight. Although, Animal from The Muppets was kinda cute. Posted by Hello

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