Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I Like It, I Like It!!!

A pie fight has started between members of The League Of Savannah Bloggers. Ok, it's more like me and Ivan Schreve, he of Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear. It's not a big thing, really. Ok, it is. It's all about one man: Jerry Lewis.

Look at that face. Don'tcha just wanna squeeze him and hug him and love him and just eat him up? Who could not love Jerry? Well, there's lots of folks who don't. It's true. Maybe because he's too goofy, maybe because of an alleged ego. I don't care. The man made me laugh. It's the same thing folks say about Robin Williams, Jonathon Winters, Jim Carrey and others. They don't think they're that great. I think they're all wonderful. After all, we have to find someway to laugh, don't we?

I remember as a kid growing up watching Jerry and Dean Martin's films on Saturday afternoon on WSAV after babeball season. Each week at the same time, they would roll out one after another, in order that they were done. You could tell who things were evolving in Jerry's

carreer, from the first film ( "My Friend Irma") to the next. Then, after Dean left Jerry on his own, things got wild. Jerry started to experiment, sometimes for the good. I'm not saying everything was spectacular, but he had better moments on screen that some actors actually get. Really, try putting Jerry's "The Nutty Professor" against Eddie Murphy's. Eddie's was good. Jerry's was better.

After he did "The Family Jewels" in 1965, Jerry began to falter, in my opinion. No greater than that the way I see it is "The Day The Clown Cried" done in 1970, a very black comedy about a Jewish clown in Nazi Germany who helps to make the children in the concentration camps beforeleading them to their deaths. The films has never really been shown anywhere, probably for good reason. I've read about it a few times, but I don't think I'd like to go down that road at any point.

So, yeah. I know that Jerry Lewis has had his moments, good and bad. For me, I'll stick with the good. The mugging for the camera, the loud mouth, the crazy kid. If he cared that much to put it on the screen to make us laugh, then I'll be there to laugh like a nut.

One more thing. The Martin and Lewis team you saw on screen was a completely different couple of guys off the stage, humor wise. What I have for you is documented proof. This a blooper from a radio commercial they did for the film, "The Caddy". If you never heard this before, or really never heard cursing before, then this will blow you away. Not Safe For Work Or Kids, but funny as Hell. Oh, and thanks, Ivan. This is something I've aways wanted to talk about here and now I have the chance.Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

I love Jerry Lewis! Always been a fan, I have. He's not only a funny man, but a caring man with a great cause. My cousin had Muscular Dystrophy and when I was a kid we did a lot with MDA. I learned a lot about Jerry then and still respect and admire him.

"Oh pretty LAAAAAAAAAADY!" Cracks me up.

Redneck Diva

Anonymous said...

Just want to clear up one thing about "The Day the Clown Cried", Lewis's unreleased film: It's actually a drama, though it has space in the screenplay for some of Lewis's patented clowning. If the film itself is anything like its screenplay, then it's potentially a masterpiece.

The operative word being "if".

The screenplay is available for downloading at Subterranean Cinema:

Anonymous said...

Jerry is a comedy god -- a legend -- in so many ways. I'm glad that there's other folks who realize that -- Sam, you're a man of good taste.