Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Let's Get Down To Bid-nezz

Tuesday was a very busy day for your writer. I went to the dentist today and let's just say I have an all new smile, which I'm very happy about. I'll have a new photo up soon. I need the new grill anyway, as I've been taking care of fundraising stuff all day. I've talked myself to death and my hand hurts from shaking it with loads of folks. Peronally, I wish I didn't have to any of it. I'm a very modest guy, if you can't tell, but this is something that I have to. And, if I'm going to do this, then expect me to look like I'm almost running for the White House. Or, at the least dog catcher. I've told you be fore, there arw some interesting things coming soon. Well, I can say that it looks like April 2 for the kickoff, and what a kick it will be.

But what before then, pray tell? Be here Wednesday night at the stroke of midnight. You want a fundraiser, World Wide Web? You got it.

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