Monday, February 28, 2005

The Love Theme to the Real Sam Johnson Show

(Play this song while reading this post out loud. Like that movie trailer guy that always goes, "In a world, blah, blah, blah".)

ANNOUNCER: "Sam Johnson. A man barely alive. When suddenly, he's bitten by a radioactive bug, bombarded with radioactive gamma rays, his parents are killed by a mugger and a bat flies through his window, all in the span of ten minutes. Soon, he realized that with great power comes chicks and soon becomes the Creature of the Night, the Devil may care rapscallion, rouge and comic book geek: The Real Sam Johnson!! Without having any actual super powers, Sam uses his amazing skill of street smarts, book learnin' and stuff he's seen Bugs Bunny do to outwit the most dealiest of foes...Stupid people from everywhere who disrupt our American way of life! Ride with us now in the continuing adventures of an insane world, and one crazy man trying to fix it. The Real Sam Johnson rides again!!"

I think every blog should have a theme song. This one is mine. You got one?


Anonymous said...

Gosh I don't have one - let alone one THAT good!!!!

Wow!! :-)

Anonymous said...

your blog is always great. that said, i'm going to be the helpful grammarian: i think you meant "rogue." "rouge" is what old ladies put on their cheeks.

Anonymous said...

I don't use Spellcheck. I'm a rebel. That's why I got the new theme song. I live on the egde, baby.

Anonymous said...

Damn but you're good, Sam! I love your theme & intro!