Monday, February 28, 2005

Post Oscar Blah Blah Blah...

What straight black male watched the Oscars tonight? That would be me. I was right in almost all of my predictions, except I never saw Cher, which is a good thing anytime. Chris Rock did ok, not Carson or Martin ok, but he held his own. Basically, it was the average guy hosting the show this year and he had his complaints. As for Sean Penn, let it go, pal. He probably knows Jude Law is a good actor. It's just jokes. Like the time Madonna said you were great. Now, go buy a tie, take a trip to Iraq and shut yer piehole, Spicoli. That's right. I just dissed Sean Penn. I'll fight a Method Actor if I have to. Who took your picture now, Sean?

I do feel bad for Martin Scorsece, though. I haven't seen The Aviator, and I haven't seen Million Dollar Baby, either. Still, Scorsece has worked hard over the years to get an award, with no luck. I dunno. Maybe if he did a smaller, more human drama, he could one day walk away with the statue. I would hate the little guy to get an honorary award when he's to old to shout "action".

Like I said before, I was right about my predictions. It was too long, any speech not by an actor was boring (except for Best Foreign Film winner, which I've forgotten, but singing as the guy accepted was cool), the songs well dull, and there was no Rob Lowe. Well, there's always next year. Maybe Ellen Degeneres can host next time. Comments, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Sam -

I didn't watch as I can no longer stomach the Oscars, but I would be down with Ellen'd have to check with the FCC, but I think it's okay to have a gay host as long as she doesn't expose her breast.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we'll see Ellen's breast soon. I saw "If These Walls Could Talk 2". I think that was enough.

Anonymous said...

Ellen would be a great host, IMO. Was it Letterman that hosted and bombed? "Uma - Oprah, Oprah - Uma..." what was that?

I can't stand hilary swank. That speech was WAY too long. Look, if you have to name a bunch of people, it is meaningless. Those people mean nothing to you - because those who are REALLY valuable to you, they are few and far between. Those who thank their families and a higher power, now, they are worthy of respect. Jamie Foxx's words about his grandmother? Priceless, tender, and humble.