Thursday, February 17, 2005


I'm feeling alot better now, although that cough medicine made me loopy as hell. Oh well, back to business.

I was quite surprised to read Mark Evanier's post that he was approached by CBS to create an new Amos & Andy cartoon show in the early 80's. I was surprised, but not upset. Why? This type of thing goes on in Hollywood all the time. If it's a property that could possibly make money somehow, they will sell it no matter what. It's called repurposing, taking an old property and updating it for a new audience. Could Amos & Andy work today? In a way, it did. It was called Malcom & Eddie and it ran on UPN a few years ago. Was there anything blatently racist about the show? From the episodes I watched and still remember, no not really. It was about the same as other shows about black comedies then and now on television. Everything was just repourposed. Do I think Amos & Andy the tv series was racist? From what I saw, no. It was the same as episodes of you see with African Americans as leads of comedies these days. Others may have their own opinions.

Speaking of repourposing, there has been more talk of "Loonatics" online than there has of Jeff Gannon. If you haven't heard, Warner Brothers has taken Bugs, Daffy and the rest of the Looney Toons and kinda sent them to the future, and turned them into superheroes with names like Buzz Bunny. Now, it is and it isn't Bugs. Once again, repourposing in effect. It's the WB's way of updating the characters for a new generation and make a few bucks. They've done it before with "Tiny Toon Adventures" and it worked then. Will "Loonatics" work for kids now, as well as adults who grew up watching Bugs in drag, or slamming Pete Puma over the head with a shovel after asking him how many lumps he wanted with his tea (my favorite)? We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

"Oh, I'll take a whole lotta lumps...heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." I didn't learn until years later that Stan Freberg provided the voice of Pete Puma.