Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Samapalooza Update

I've just gotten the poster made. I'll have them up across town here this weekend. I''ve got two bands so far and I'm going to talk to a guy tomorrow and see if I can get them to play on April 2nd.

Well, I guess I must be officially ill now. I've got posters and everything saying so. Crap. This thing better work.

Before I head out, I need to apologize to David at Better Living. I blew off some steam at an anonymous commenter who basically said that bloggers have nothing interesting to say. First of all, why hide when you say that? Don't you want folks to know who was that brave to come out to someone else's site and tell them that everything that they have done is crap? You're a punk for just saying that and a punk for just hiding. Some of us bloggers are not seventeen years old, angry about Blink-182 breaking up. We have something to say and and unless it's extremely personal, don't hide. I know I don't. So, thank you, Anonymous Commentor. You have made it my personal mission to continue blogging until I can't blog no more. Then, I'm gonna get a intertnet talk show. VIVA LA BLOGALUTION!

Damn, that felt good...


Anonymous said...

What, what, what!?!
Blink-182 broke up?
How is a Goth girl like myself supposed to live? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Crap, I knew I should have invested more heavily in Sum 41.