Sunday, March 27, 2005

Answer Me True

I was picked by Pandora to answer some questions for a little thing called interview tag, where a person is asked a question from a fellow blogger, then picks a person or two who comments to answer that person's questions. I hope that makes sense. To be honest, Pandora has been the only person commenting here lately and she's already been tagged, so I don't know if you can question the same person twice. It's been kinda quiet here and I have no reason why. I don't know if it's anything I did or said and if I did anything here to offend anyone, I apologize. It would just be nice to hear from you guys, you know? 'sighhhhhh'

Oh well, on with the questions...

1. When you were growing up, what was your favorite TV show? When I was younger, it was always cartoons that kept my in front of the tube. By the way, back then we had a Zenith floor model 27" black and white that was purchased in 1968. When that fell apart in 1976, mom bought another one, just the same. Anyway, we were going thru the last years of the kids show hosts in the afternoons until 1976. Trooper Terry, Captain Carl, and of course, Bozo the Clown. As I got a bit older and could stay up later, I discovered prime time tv. Sanford and Son, All In The Family, Good Times, The Carol Burnett Show, Bob Newhart, all the good ones. Somehow, I feel like they don't make tv that good anymore. Anyone remember CBS on Saturday nights? Precious.

2. It's the grudge match of the century. In one corner is Lindsey Wagoner (The Bionic Woman) and in the other is Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman). Who would win? It comes down to truth. Princess Diana is nearly as strong as a god, being from Thymescria (Paradise Island on the show), while Jamie Summers was rebulit to life a ton. However, all W.W. would have to do is hogtie B.W. with the Lasso Of Truth and all would be settled.

Besides, Lynda's hotter and isn't ruining her credibility by hawking matresses on late night tv.

3. When you finally make it back to your true home in Montana, where will you build your cabin? In the mountains or on the bank of the Yellowstone River? Out of all the questions, this was the hardest. I don't know what or how it started, but I have a lot of folks in Montana who read this page. To all of you, I want to say thank you for adopting me into your state. You made a Black man turn red, and that ain't easy. I wish I could move and start over again as I get older and want a quieter life. It's difficult since I don't really have the money, plus with me going to through kidney failure, I don't know if I could transfer to a new city. God knows I could use a change, though. I would probably move near the water as I would love to learn to fish again. Maybe meet a decent woman and live out the rest of my life there.

I'm glad to have another home. It's the getting there that's hard.

4. You recieve the job offer making $1,000,000 a year being a radio announcer for a new type of radio station. The catch is it airs nothing but Barry Manilow songs 24/7. Do you take the job? I know that Sirius satillite radio has a station that plays nothing but Elvis, so that's not really far off. I've worked in nearly every radio format except Hispanic, so I could pull it off. But, I would rather have my own show on my own terms. It would be a radio talk show, but it would be more of an entertainment show than political. Talk radio is filled with too many wingers, right and left. I'd do a show that would be fun filled without having to go the sleaze route. I think it would sell.

5. In your opinion, which cartoon (past or present) has the best theme song? Some of the best themes were done by Hoyt Curtain for Hanna/Barbera for their action shows in the sixites, but there were other companies who did just as well. So, via Toon Tracker (in Real Audio),here are my Top Five Favorite Cartoon Themes. Everytine I hear them, they kinda pump me up and get me geared for action.

5. Space Ghost
4. Speed Racer
3. Tie The Bugs Bunny Show/Super Chicken
(It's my list.)
2. Spiderman
1. The New Adventures of Superman

Today's cartoon themes don't really say much to me. The only ones that do justice to the shows today are the Freakazoid theme and the theme to Teen Titans.

I guess that's it. It took me a couple of hours to do this, so I hope it was worthwhile to you. The next people who comment get their chance to answer my questions, that is if anyone comments anymore. Good luck and thanks for reading.

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