Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Bastard Child Of Television (Look, we got two, one post won't hurt)

I wasn't able to watch the final episode of "NYPD Blue" last night. That's ok, since I stopped watching once Jimmy Smits left the show. Still, it would have been nice to see how Sipowitcz gets to go on wsith his life now that we won't be around anymore. From what I'm reading, it's just another day in the 15th. Kinda...Well, at least we won't have to look at Andy's (bare) butt anymore. Here's hoping Dennis Franz gets his residuals.

Speaaking of Smits, he's been making the rounds of "The West Wing", a show I've never watched. He's playing a Democratic congressman who could be running for the White House against Alan Alda, who's playing a Republican senator. Well, the poling folks at Zoby's have gotten involved and guess who America thinks should take the place of Charlie Sheen's dad? Once again, an I-don't care moment. Superboy comes on at 8, King Of Queens at 9, South Park for an hour at 9:30, and the rest goes to Comedy Central 'til Iron Chef hits the screen. Alez cuisine!

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