Thursday, March 31, 2005

"The Batmobile lost a wheel and Robin laid an egg..."

Around 1988, DC comics got the idea of killing off Robin the Boy Wonder from the Batman series by folks calling a 1-900 number to see if they should let him live or die. It made the big papers across the country and many folks thought it would be Dick Grayson who would bite it. It turned out however that it would be his replacement, Jason Todd. Jason was a street punk who tried to steal the tires off the Batmobile (funny!), when Batsy decided to bring him into the fold and get the kid straight. It didn't really work well and the new Robin was a bit of a wildcard, being a bit more violent than the original. So, Dc decided that the kid hafd gone too far and to get rid of him. America voted and in a closer margin than a presidential election, decided to kill him off. Well somehow, Jason's come back after giving Bruce Wayne angina for years for feeling guilty about being involved in child endangerment, and he's ready to give Batman a butt kicking for letting The Joker blow him up. I have a feeling this could be fun. Comics sure have changed alot, haven't they folks? Posted by Hello


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