Thursday, March 24, 2005

Darrin Stephens: The Remix

Just saw the new trailer for "Bewitched" and this isn't you typical tv to movie screen transition. It looks like they played it safe with Nichole Kidman as Samantha. The thing is, she's not really Sam. That's where Will Ferrell comes in as Jack, who's an actor playing Darrin, but yet in the same situation as the other two fellows before him. Does this make any sense to you, 'cause it did to me when I saw the trailer and thought this could work.

Look, they have done so many of these things, I gave up after "Mod Squad". The cheapest idea in Hollywood only a few years ago was get an old tv show, recast it to make it hip and "post modern". Did anyone see "McHale's Navy"? "Car 54, Where Are You?" The only one of these rermakes that I really liked was the first "Brady Bunch" movie, and I hated that show. I hope that "Bewitched" works. It looks funny enough to keep the original fans and bring in new ones. I just have a feeling that if it does work, could even a "Honeymooners" movie be far behind?

Oh, wait...

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