Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Drinkin' O' The Green

It's once again St. Patrick's Day again in Savannah and it's going to be a wet one here. At least a 40% chance of rain during the parade. Will folks care? Nope. If I know them well enough, they'll be out in full force celebrating. It's like that every year. Now, I don't really know how they do it in, say, MONTANA (looking for cheap applause on that one), but I know that in NYC and Chicago, the Irish do the parade, go get drunk at the pub and that's it. The rest of the city could care less. Not Savannah, baby. Here, everybody's Irish that day. Old Black ladies, little balding Middle Eastern men, they're all frickin' Irish, whether they like it or not.

Now, except that they have mass the morning of the parade, no one would really remember who St. Patrick was. For the most part, folks will head downtown to watch a four hour stream of craziness march down the streets, then head torwards the bars and get ishfaced (I spelled that right, by the way. "Ish" is the FCC version of '' s***" ). The thing that makes it exciting is here in Savannah is you can walk around town with an 16 oz. cup of alcohol, which means you can go from bar to bar and never miss the drink you had from the last place. There are only three cities in the U.S. that do that and they don't really throw parties like this. And you know when you throw parties, someone's going to act stupid.

I deo have to give props to the Savannah policemen and women who have to deal with the insanity of this day. The fact that they're working double overtime is rough enough, but they have to yell and scream to get the drunks to straighten out. They really don't want to have to arrest anyone that day, but they'll do it more that day than any other day of the year. It's not just locals they bust, either. Two years ago, when I was working the door at Wet Willie's on St. Pat's, I had to deal with drunks from Boston. Drunk cops from Boston. They got out hand and I told the guys that they ain't home, so don't start flashing the badges around. Well, the boys got stupid and wanted to show us rednecks how to do things. It lasted only ten seconds before the S.
P. D. threw on the cuffs and chunked them in the paddywagon. Yep, St. Patrick's Day here in Savannah, Georgia is exciting. That's why I'm glad to be staying home this year. Yippie.

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