Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Food For Thought

David found this meme from a place called J-Walk and I guess I have to answer it or else bad luck will fall upon me. Or, is that a chain letter? I really don't know how memes work...

Pick nine bloggers you would have dinner with. The only thing: "You must not have met them before IRL", David says. Whatever that is.

1.David. He was the first blogger who was there for me when I started to kick out the jams on this thing. He likes The Green Hornet and his Cow Cat. A wonderful man.

2.Pandora. She has one of the kindest hearts I've never seen personally. Her story with Bippy and Carl gave me the biggest Kool-Aid grin I've had in a long time. If I ever met her, I would give her a great big hug.

3.Randy. He's pretty cool. He and I seem to have the same sense of humor, which means jokes over the heads of many at the table.

4.Babs. A very nice lady. If anything, she'd be great when there's a lull at the table and she could ask a good question.

5.Ivan. He's local, so he wouldn't have to come far. He is also a big fan of old time radio, so he can talk to David about Green Hornet.


7.Tom. This was a hard one because he has a partner at his blog, Stephen Cooke, but I met Tom first. Sorry, Stephen. However, Tom is a major cinephile and could probablly tell us things about Lupe Velez that we never knew.

8.Eric. During the day, he is a hard working teacher making sure that the young can survive. At night, he is a rebel, making sure the young can survive. Rebels are cool.

9.Mark. This was also very hard, as there are many comic bloggers out there who I thing are great. However, Mark also encompasses movies, television, broadway, the whole nine yards in his blog. His was the very first one I saw years ago and it influenced me to do mine. His is way more better.

If I left anyone out, I do appologize. It isn't fair that I've had to leave so many out, because I would love to meet many of my fellow bloggers. But, I'm glad to know you and hope that we can at least, sit down for coffe and cheesecake.

Okay, at least one more. The Incredible Hulk . The guy's having a hard time living alone in The Village. He could use a good friend. Y'all know it ain't easy being green.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite Sam. Hopefully we can do it sooner rather than later!

IRL = In Real Life

You may have to change some of the dinner attendees in light of this. ;-)
Put them at the kid's table, sometimes the best conversation happens there.

Anonymous said...

Bippy Wigglesworth and I are deeply honored to be invited to your dinner party. :-)

PS--Bippy wants to know if Carl will be in attendance as well.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Thanks Sam! I'll bring a list of questions, just in case.

Anonymous said...

I'm honored to be among the invitees to this phantom soiree, but I wouldn't wanna leave Stephen out entirely. He can do the DJing chores (so long as I can bring my Charley Patton records with me)