Monday, March 07, 2005

How to shut a comic book nerd up...

There are revenge stories and then there are REVENGE STORIES.

I picked up on this while reading thru the comic rumor column Lying In The Gutters.

"The Femforce message board is run by fans, but sanctioned by AC Comics. Some of the writers post there as well as fans. One fellow known as Wizard Of Northampton decided to start trolling. And so Paul, the individual who runs the message board, decided to engage in a little cyberstalking, and posted his life's details on the board in a mocking manner, and has threatened to use them to ruin the Wizard's life if he continues to post on the board. And AC Comics staff seem to have approved of such tactics".

Going to the message board, I found this:

"Wizard of Northampton also goes by the alias of cult, cultscomics, or skippy_the_klingon, but his real name is Jay. He's a 30-year old male, from Mesquite, Texas, who has had difficulty holding down steady employment. In fact, he was unemployed and sponging off other people until about a year ago. He finally managed to land a job at Target but he's on his way to being fired for unauthorized computer usage at work (I don't know if the word has made it down from corporate yet, Jay; if not, don't worry, I'm sure your mommy will keep taking care of you)."

When I worked at my local comic book store The Comic Box, I dealt with all types of geeks nerds and fanboys who had their own delusions of grandeur, without any sense of humility. They honestly scared the living hell outta me with thier tales of how they will take over the world with their wonderful ideas of going to Marvel and revamping Brother Voodoo or Moon Knight because nobody ever got it right the first time. They drove me crazy constantly to the point where I wish I could have stood out side with a copy of the first apperance of Wolverine (Incredible Hulk #181, to be exact, worth alot in great condition, which we have at the store) and taken a chainsaw to it, while screaming, "Fight the real power!". For the guys at the Femforce message board to track down every detail about skippy/Wizard/Jay was a very brave thing. I don't really endorse it, but it does strike me as funny as all get out. I tip my Klingon brow to those guys.

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