Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I feel like Craig Kilborne

Well, it's been a few days, and I won't have time after tonight to do this, So let's git'er done. I was asked by Pandora a group of five questions, which I had to answer, then I have to ask questions to whomever had comments afterwards. So, we are going with Ivan and Randy. Ivan because he lives in Savannah and he and I never get our schedule together to meet up. Randy, because he's a good natured guy. So, for Ivan...

1. So, you wanted me to put George of The Jungle on my top five toon theme list, huh? What's yours?

2. Tell all the readers at least three good things about Savannah, Georgia.

3. Tell all the readers at least three bad things about Savannah, Georgia.

4. Your pride and joy is nostalgia. would you have prefered to live in the past, or are you fine here in this time period?

5. Name your top five O.T.R (old time radio shows) of all time.

For Randy...

1.If you were on that radio talk show a few days ago, what would you have talked about?

2.All of you in Montana bloggers seem like you all live near each other, like on the same block. Which one are you in contact with the most, in real life?

3. Can you recount the first days of doing your blog?

4. What was the funniest post you ever wrote?

5. Give me five good reason why I should move to Montana.

There you go, fellas. I hope they weren't too softball, but then, I ain't Barbwa Wawa. Enjoy!

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