Saturday, March 05, 2005

"I'm not asking who's on first...

I was fortunate enough years ago to portray Lou Costello in a recreation of the classic "Who's On First" routine for a series of plays based on old time radio show. My best friend, Ronnie Faust got to play Bud Abbott, and because of our chemistry, we pulled it off like you thought it was the real thing. We knew each other so well, that we could throw out ad libs and still make it work without throwing each other off, with all the skill and speed of Bud and Lou. It's my favorite bit/scene of all time, Shakespere be dammed.

Someone has now taken the premise of "Who's On First" and updated it. While it has nothing to do with baseball, it's still very funny and, if Abbott and Costello were around today, would probablly kick butt with this. Try it...You'll like it.

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