Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Read This Post or I Will Taunt You A Second Time!

I'm feeling alot better now after all the crap I've gone thru the past few days, and I'm bopping around the house now. It's too bad it's raining mongooses and beavers out there. So, I'm staying in and watching TV. The big treat today was "And Now, For Something Completely Different" starring Monty Python. It was their first film, shot in 1971, and was based sketches the cast had done in the first season of the show. It shows the crew at their best, as they redo The Parrot Sketch, Blackmail, The Deadliest Joke in the World, and others. The only thing missing is a laugh track, and that's fine.

It's great to see that the humor still stands over thirty years. It's hard to compete with all the in your face comedy now that's out there and I'm glad that there is still a place for Python. What makes it funny is that there are folks who still don't get the humor of it, possibly because the guys were British (well, all but Terry Gilliam, who was a cartoonist from America before joining). Then again, most folks never got the Three Stooges as well, but they're on another plane of humor. Monthy Python stands on it's own as original and as crazy as any art form out there.

There's a new Broadway play that's opened based on "Monty Python and The Holy Grail" called "Spamalot" that looks fantastic, and has a great cast including David Hyde Pierce and Hank Azaria, and it's produced by Eric Idle and approved by the remaining Pythons, so it has to be good. I thought I would never say this as big of Mel Brooks fan as I am, but I hope it kicks "The Producers" in the box office and gets loads of rewards.

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