Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Stars After Stars After Stars

Well, it's spring and it's time to do some clean up here at the show. I've neated up the blogroll and deleted a few sites that really didn't do much for me. I don't know if you've ever done that, or is there any proper etiquette on blogrolls, so I just go my own way. I also added a few new sites of interest, things I like a lot. Right now, I read about 99% of all the sites I've listed constantly (In Honor Of Sam Johnson doesn't count, as it's my own. Please donate!). I figured if I like it you would, too. Simple.

One, or actually three sites are done by one man. Spike Priggen is an internet Da Vinci. His Bedazzled is a wonderful site filled with Pschyotronic films, kitchy pop from the sixies, old toy commercials from the past(Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots! JOY!) and more. His Scopitones site tells the story of, well as he puts it on one page, "It's a 'Film Jukebox' invented in France in the early 1960's (from surplus World War II airplane parts!) and also the films (the precursors of todays music videos) which played on it." It also featurs some of the films shown on the machine. You have to check out Procol Harum's clip for "Whiter Shade Of Pale". Great song...Bad moustaches. And of course, his personal site, featuring his music. Spike has actually been playing power pop for years and worked with musicians like drummer Bun E. Carlos from Cheap Trick and others for his new album, Stars After Stars After Stars. Have a listen to one of the cuts, "In The Inside", or try out "Be Married Song". Give them a listen and let Spike know I am very jealous of him when you buy the CD, as I know you will. He has three great sites and he's got great music, too. My God, he's living my dream life. Good work, Spike.

Getting back to kitchy, RecordBrother is another pop culture site with the wild, wacky and amazing. He's actually doing some improvments to the blog as days go by, and I think readers are in for something good. As R.B. says,"This is me trying to give back and share, hope if you found this on the Internets there is something that you find useful, interesting or dumb. Just a warning: I can't spell very well and my grammar is atrocious so if these things are really important to you just look at the pictures." That hooked me. Welcome to the blogroll, Spike and R.B. . You are welcome here anytime.

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