Friday, March 04, 2005


Ok, we are gonna settle this right now. There are TWO "Child Of Television" blogs on my blogroll.It is very easy to confuse me, you know. A piece of foil will have me mesmerised. You don't even know what a laser dot on the wall will do. So, Tony and Brent are both going to have to sit down and work this out. As tv kids, June Cleaver would approve.

Both guys have pretty good sites dealing with television, both critical. However, I feel as though the two could do much better if they combine their resources and have one big site. It's not like it can't be done and I think it would be better for the whole.

As for me, I'm a fan of the old school, along with Mark, who feels as though if your going to have a tv network of classic shows, howabout running some "Sgt. Bilco, " or in my opinion, "The Joey Bishop Show"? Son of a gun...

That was Joey's old catch phrase. I was looking for something to close out this post.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sam,

Yes we are all “CHILDREN OF TELEVISION”. If that was not the case neither you, Brent nor I would have an audience. I hold no ill will toward Brent. My main problem is with the people at Blogger. There should be a fail-safe in place to make sure that Blog Names do not repeat. I am married to the name and I have been using "CHILD OF TELEVISION" for the last few years in several projects (read my Bio). As far as us combining our resources and having one big site, Brent is a critic and as I say in my “Pre-ramble” “My purpose for writing this column is not to be a TV critic, although at times I can and will be very critical of the medium and it’s viewers. I hope through this column I can illustrate how real life influences TV and how TV influences real life and while doing so incorporating some observations and personal stories.” I have noticed that the chaos and confusion (and being on your Blogrolls) has increased my readership.

Brent has also brought a Canadian perspective with his comments on my posts. They are refreshing and insightful.

Stay Tuned

Tony Figueroa