Monday, March 28, 2005

Why or Why Not "The Office"

I have only two favorite sitcoms this season: "Scrubs" and now, "The Office", based on the British comedy. Obviously, some folks didn't get it, like David. "Are we truly expected to believe that the boss was really that oblivious? Was it supposed to be funny at all? I predict a very quick death for this NBC attempt. "

Hmmm, It seems like he didn't like it. Here's the comment I left.

"Although I've never seen the British version, I did see it online and I thought it was funny. Very funny, in fact. The humor comes from the comes from the dialogue, which is paced more like an off Broadway play and smartly written, in my opinion. The show is written as a documentary of office life and the politics behind it. And, if you've ever worked in an office as I once did (thank God I don't anbymore), you will find folks as ridiculous as Steve Carell's boss character.

"I mentioned in the blog last week that Americans just don't get British humor like Monty Python, due to the fact that you don't really expect it from them, with their stereotype of uppercrust. I feel the same thing with "The Office", but I hope that being paired with "Scrubs" (also a sitcom with out a laughtrack), will make Tuesday nights between nine and ten the best night for comedy. If you need a show that tells you when to laugh with canned chuckles, then keep watching 'According To Jim'.

Can I get some backup on that last statement from the Children of Television on this? Tony? Brent?

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