Thursday, March 31, 2005

Yet Another Samapalozza Update

As promised, all official Samapalooza business until Saturday will be seen at In Honor Of Sam Johnson. I'll have semi-live updates from the show here that day starting at 11am until 10 pm, so there's gonna be lots of audioblogging that day so no one misses out on the fun. I'm taking every prayer that comes my way and holding them close to make sure this thing works.

I've also made it to the local weekly here, Connect Savannah. Here's the link. I''ll post the story on I.H.O.S.J. , but I need to make a correction. The Mercury Lounge will be be making a donation that day, but will be from tips from the bartenders, not from sales. It's still win-win. I'm just happy to have a place to do this.

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