Sunday, April 10, 2005

A Bippy and Carl Story

One fine Sunday, as all Sundays should be, Bippy Wigglesworth decided to pay a visit to Carl Wintergarten's place. The two friends usually were together getting into all sorts of adventures and Bippy thought today would be a good day to to play "Penguin, Penguin, who's got the Penguin" with some of the other bloggers.

Bippy trotted up to the door and ran the bell at Sam's place. But, he noticed that no one answered. "That's strange", Bippy thought. "Usually, Carl answers the door while Sam goes off to the radio station on Sundays. I wonder if the FCC finally decided to let penguins become disc jockeys?"

Bippy decided to check around back to see if everything was ok, when he noticed Carl was laying out on the grass, drinking a giant grape slushie and reading.

"Hey, Carl. What's that you're looking at?" said Bippy, noticing that his freind was surrounded by stacks and stacks of pamphlets.

"Oh, these", said Carl, "are comic books. Sam loves these things. He says he's been reading these since he was a little Sam. While he went off to work, he called me and told me I could read some of them."

Bippy picked up one of them and noticed a man with black hair with a blue costume and red cape, flying though the air, holding a semi. "Wow", said Bippy. "Who's this guy?"

Carl said, "Oh, he's Superman. He was the first superhero ever! He's the superhero all the other guys wish they could be." Soon, Bippy started reading about the Man of Steel and was happy after reading the story and looking at the bright colors of the comic. Afterwards, Bippy asked Carl could he read another.

Carl then showed Bippy a comic book with The Batman. " It's kinda scary, because he's so mean, but he has to be so can fight the bad guys. The only problem that I have with it is the fact that it gives us penguins a bad name." Both of them just laughed and read the comic book together. Soon the two pals were drinking slushes and reading about all sorts of comic characters: Spider-Man, The X-Men, The Spirit, The Green Hornet, The Fantastic Four, Uncle Scrooge, even Archie Andrews. The two had a wonderful time.

After they read all the books, Bippy had a wonderful idea. "Hey, why don't we play superheroes today? We could go around and save the day for somebody!"

Carl thought that was a great idea, so he ran into the house and grabbed a couple of Sam's towels for himself and his freind. Soon, the dynamic duo of Power Penguin and Ultra Pup took off down the street in the Red Action Wagon to see if anyone need their services.

Soon, they saw Babs, who was walking home with an arm full of groceries from the store, but couldn't cary them all. They quickly rushed to her and said that they where heroes in training and were willing to help her out in her time of need. They helped her put the groceries in the Red Action Wagon and the two heroes pulled along while Babs walked with them to her house. When they got there, she gave them two big oatmeal rasion cookies for helping her out. Bippy looked at Carl and said, "Being a hero is fun! I'll bet Wolverine doesn't get cookies for helping out!"

Soon, they were helping out everyone in the neighborhood. They helped Randy wash his car, helped Kevin sort his New Order cd's, got David's Cow Cat down from the tree,and helped to pick out a movie for Tom and Stephen to talk about (it was "The Incredibles"). They even met Hulk, who was having problems opening a Twinkies wrapper. "Wow", said Power Penguin. "Even superheroes need help sometimes." Hulk reminded the two that with great powers comes great responsibilty. Hulk said he heard it in a movie somewhere and thought it was cool. He told the friends that one day they could all team up and call themselves The Super Pals, or the Just-us Bunch Of Guys, but Bippy and Carl knew it was getting late and it was time to go home. So, Hulk decided to walk the heroes home. The duo jumped in to the Action Wagon and Hulk pulled them home.

When they got to Bippy's house, they saw Sam and Pandora there talking. Pandora noticed the two in the wagon, but when she saw Hulk, she let out a scream. Sam looked at Pandora and told her that he was ok, just a bit misguided. Pandora was relieved and everyone was happy. Hulk stayed around and had lemonade and told everyone how he hid Captain America's shield.

Sam looked down at the two new heroes in training and said, "Being a hero doen't mean you have to wear a cape, guys. You just have to have a good heart and just care about things and people. Hulk's a hero because he saves lives by lifting stuff. Pandora's a hero because she cares about people. You two were already super heroes by just being good freinds to each other." Sam then hugged Bippy and Carl, then put the penguin in the red wagon and walked home, saying goodbye to all of their freinds. Carl said to Sam as they were going home, "Being a hero was fun. But, I forgot to put your comic books back where I found them."

"That's ok", said Sam. "I'll get 'em tomorrow. Now, let's race home in the Action Wagon. Up, up, and even higher!" And, the two raced off home as fast as they could.


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