Saturday, April 30, 2005

Blog Updates

Randy has changed the face of his site, three times this week. I like the pirate one better.

Pandora has "The Point System For Husbands". It tells how to make wives happy. What about ways to make us happy? You love that pot belly no matter what. And never ask us if you look fat. Because you never like the answer, good or bad. Good luck on Rascal Fair!

Spike has a classic performance of The Faces doing "Maybe I'm Amazed". Cool stuff.

David has a declaration to the non-bloggers out there. However, he has this new thing called Spam-Karma up, so if you can get a comment on the page, good luck. It kicked me off twice. David, why?

Jaundiced Jaw has decided to call it quits. Some folks just feel as though they've had their say on a blog and call it a day. Take care, J.J. . You're always welcome here.

Oh yeah, Kevin. Your life is boring. YOU LIVE WITH A RED HEAD, YOU FOOL!

Mike reminds us that Alf had a comic book. Thanks for just reminding us of Alf, Mike. In your own words, "I am stuck between two immediate impulses: either applaud this as a work of genius, or seek out everyone responsible for this comic and slap them silly."

Record Brother has the entire Sidewalk Surfing album on his site for all of you board horders out there, available for download. For free!

Monkey is still Monkey.

Before I end this, I want to publicly send my condolences to Karen, AKA Karbonkountymoos. She lost her mother earlier this week after a lengthy illness. I dedicate this post to Karen and hope that things are well. Take care, everyone.

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